Screwfix Solar PV Installation

This 90 PV Module solar system was installed on behalf of Kingfisher in Peterborough. Our Client, Solar Century that now goes by the name of Statkraft asked about the prospect of having a solar system installed on the Screwfix Stores roof. The outcome of what was being installed was 90 x Canadian Solar All-Black CS6K-270m solar panels and two different inverters, the Solax ZDNY 10000 and the Solax X3-Hybrid-10.0T. The Peterborough store marks the first time Kingfisher has used solar panels or air source pumps together with battery storage to power operations around the clock.

Power is generated by the solar panels during the day, and excess energy is used to charge the batteries which power the store in the evenings. The air source heat pump has replaced gas and electric heating, and together with the solar PV system, heats the store more efficiently. Surplus power goes back to the grid, off-setting the days in winter when the solar PV will be generating less power and grid energy is needed to power the store.

Graham Bell, CEO at Screwfix, commented: “We are investing now to cut energy across our own operations, and our long-term aspiration is to match this by helping customers have zero carbon or energy positive homes and businesses too. Our net zero store in Peterborough represents a significant milestone in our ambition to embed sustainability across the business, and help customers to create good, sustainable homes and businesses.”

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What is Solar Century/Statkraft

Solarcentury was the UK’s largest solar company before Statkraft bought them out for £117.7m last year. The deal will give Statkraft access to 6GW of solar projects pipeline in Europe and South America. Statkraft has been making clean energy possible for over a century. They are Europe’s largest renewable energy producer and a global company in energy market operations. They develop and operate renewable energy assets within hydropower, wind, solar, gas and biomass, supply district heating and buy and sell energy.

Solar Panels Installed at Screwfix
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