Energy Storage for Commercial Properties

If your business is looking to invest in energy storage and play a role in the global energy mix of the future, then an energy storage solution used in conjunction with a solar panel system will help manage and protect your business from fluctuating energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and dependence on the Grid.

Batteries provide storage for excess energy generated from solar or energy drawn from the grid to take advantage of cheaper off peak tariff’s.  Businesses can benefit by being able to use this stored energy during periods of high demand usually when energy drawn from the Grid is at it’s most expensive with the added benefit of back up power to your business in the event of a Grid interruption.

Genfit are approved Tesla Powerwall 2 Installers and can design and install a system to maximise your returns. We also work with aggregators to help you generate income from grid services, allowing you to create additional revenue streams for your business.

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Energy storage systems for commercial properties typically involve the use of batteries to store excess energy generated by on-site renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines. This stored energy can then be used during periods of high energy demand or when the renewable energy source is not available, such as at night or during a power outage. Other options for commercial energy storage include thermal storage systems, which use materials such as molten salt to store excess heat energy, and compressed air energy storage systems, which use compressed air to store excess energy. The best storage solution for a particular commercial property will depend on factors such as the property’s energy usage patterns, the availability of renewable energy sources, and the cost of the storage technology.


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Benefits of Commercial Energy Storage

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Load Shifting

Excess solar PV energy generated during the day can be stored during periods of low demand and discharged when demand is high

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Peak Shaving

 Energy Tariffs can vary throughout the day. An energy storage system can discharge during peak demand time to avoid or reduce demand charges.

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Emergency Backup

In the event of a power interruption, solar energy generated on the roof will continue to power your site and charge your battery storage system.

How does Storage Work in a Business?

The battery installation area can be internal or external to the property. Banks of batteries contain individual cells housed within cabinets for optimum cooling and maximum space saving efficiencies.

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