Home Goes Solar in St Helens

Over the past few weeks, we have been installing various renewable technologies for a home in St Helens. We installed a 5.28 kWp Solar PV System on the roof of the back of the house as the owner had a solar PV system already installed on the front of the house previously. The system consisted of 16 JA Solar, JAM60S17-330 solar panels which have an efficiency of 19.6%. We also required the same amount of SolarEdge P401 optimizers to connect to each solar panel and one SolarEdge 5000H Inverter which was installed in the outer house. The system is estimated to produce 3.34 MWh of energy every year and saves around 778.06kg of carbon emissions which is equivalent to 36 trees.

Installed DC Power (kWp)

Max Achieved AC Power (kW)

Annual Energy Production (MWh)

CO2 Emission Saved (Tonnes)

Equivalent Trees Planted

The customer’s solar PV system was installed for family domestic use, mainly for the tumble dryer which is used 4-5 times a day, and their five air conditioners in the house. They also need solar energy to power the two Zappi EV Chargers we installed so they can charge their electric vehicles before setting off on a journey.

Quote from the customer

“Genfit is outstanding in every aspect of their service delivery from first contact to follow up after installation. Experts in their field and I am happy to highly recommend their services. Worth every penny paid. Well done Genfit team! A delight to deal with”

Zappi EV Charger Installed at Home
Residential Solar Panel Installation

Why They Chose Solar?

Apart from a moral obligation towards our children’s futures in cutting green house gases, energy is central to my quality of life. Energy prices will go one way only, that is upwards. Implementing measures to be as near possible to energy independent is the smart thing to do now.


Solar Panel

JA SOLAR, JAM60S17-330 x 16


12-year product warranty

25-year linear power output warranty






19.0 kg


SE5000H x 1


P401 x 16

Tesla Powerwall

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