Halliwell Jones Stadium

Our team installed a total of 80kWp Solar PV panels on a The Halliwell Jones Stadium in the Winter of 2015.

This project is sporadically shaded by the roof framework which forms the structure of the Stadium. To reduce the impact of shading we installed Solaredge Optimisers, in a traditional string based Solar PV system any shading can affect the output of all the total array/string to limit the reduction in generation the DC optimisers provide independent panel level energy control.

Solar Energy for Business

Renewable energy projects including Solar PV, Biomass and Wind power can act to serve the goals of many businesses.

  • The Feed in Tariff
  • The RHI
  • Government Support on Investment

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Solar Panel

288 x Tier 1 Solar Panels


3 x Solaredge Three Phase Inverters

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