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BCMY was part of a hat-trick of PV installations done by ourselves along side logistics firm RT Page and Sons and medical contractor Medisort. This was all thanks to linking up with our client Brighton Energy Cooperative who we have been completing many jobs down in Brighton.

The systems were funded using BEC’s membership model. A total of 40 people helped fund the £220,000 cost of the three installations by becoming members of the co-op, and they will receive annual returns of 5% on their investment.

Will Cottrell, chairman at BEC, explained that this raising – the co-op’s sixth such offer – was finalised within three weeks. He described it as a “great achievement” for a small organisation.

What is Brighton Energy Cooperative

They get many businesses together, everyone pays in a little bit of cash and collectively they are able to build large scale renewable energy systems for the businesses at their choice of site.

Money raised from selling the electricity goes back into the co-op; it’s then distributed in the form of their community fund, interest to members and paying back capital. Their host sites benefit from the cheap electricity that our panels provide.

BEC was founded in 2010. After six months of planning 8 people invested the start up capital that led to their first share launch in 2012. During this period 120 people joined BEC, and they built their first solar PV systems.

Since then they have been mentored by many different organisations and achieved press coverage both locally and nationally.  More than 600 people are now BEC members and they have raised over £3,000,000 and built many big solar PV systems.

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What is BCMY

They are an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF), specialising in Ink and Toner Cartridges, BCMY Ltd is able to offer one of the highest levels of compliance awarded by the Environment Agency, for the treatment of cartridge WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) received onsite.

They operate bespoke programmes for a varied range of customers, from local authorities, businesses to charities.

The common requirement shared across all the programmes they operate for their customers, is the need for a partner who is capable of managing all ink and toner cartridge waste, and able to do so to the highest level of compliance, providing evidence of treatment, where required.

Their ethos is focussed on a Reuse and Recycling model, aligned to the Waste Hierarchy best practices, set-out by DEFRA.

They have a zero landfill and incineration policy and are able to provide their customers with comprehensive reporting, on ink and toner cartridge reuse and recycling data, to evidence how they are supporting the circular-economy through responsible waste management.

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